Hairless Kitten Bath and Grooming


Hairless cats are a delight to those of us who love them. They do not need to be brushed and we never find any fur hanging on our clothes or furniture. But they do have special grooming needs. Because they do not have fur, they need to be bathed weekly to keep the oil and dirt off. Their eyes need to be washed each morning to get rid of any crust or goop. Their ears need to be thoroughly cleaned out each week as they do not have any ear hair to keep the dirt out. And when do really need to have their ears really cleaned. It can get black and slimy if it is not done. Also their toe nails can have black dirt buildup which furred one do not have. It looks like think sticky goo that sticks to the base of their nails. This is easily cleaned. So it’s a trade off. No hair for regular cleaning. Personally, I really enjoy bathing and cleaning our hairless ones.
Some of our hairless ones lets me clean their ears and toes when they are relaxing on my lap. I get my supplies and they are happy to be with me while I do my thing. Others hate it. I always do the cleaning when I am relaxed and have the time to go through the process. I believe cats and dogs pick up on our vibes so it’s important that I am relaxed. That being said, two of our hairless ones have to be wrapped up in a towel to clean the ears and toes.
Just know that this is a par to of being owned by a Sphynx, Elf, Dwelf, Bambino, Donskoy, Peterbald, Levkoy or any other new breed of hairless cats. No other ways around it. They need our help. It’s also great knowing they are clean when they are sharing our bed.
First it is bath time. Have ready by the sink: wash cloth, kitten shampoo, 1 hand towel and 1 regular towel,
Put a clean hand towel in the kitchen sink and fill with warm water, abut 4 inches. It should be warm enough without being too hot. Put some shampoo into the water.
Gently pick up your kitten and hold and kiss the little one. After giving some love, gently place the kitten into the sink on top of the hand towel. This makes them feel a wee bit more secure as they are not stepping a slippery metal or ceramic bottom. The kitten may not like it at first so be gentle and pet and hold the kitten. With the wash cloth, put some shampoo on it and wash the kitten just like you would a human baby. Wash the neck, body, legs, belly, tail, bum area and between the toes. Do not wash the face and ears with the wash cloth. Use a damp but not wet cotton ball with a bit of shampoo to wash behind the ears, top of the head and around the face. You can use the corner of the washcloth but it’s a bit bulky for little kittens. Cotton balls are easier. Be sure that it is not sopping with water and soap. The face area should be cleaned but you don’t want the soap to drip into the ears, eyes and nose. Do not wash the eye area.
Once the kitten is washed, run the tap on low to keep the kitten warm while draining the sink. Rinse all areas of the kitten, especially between the toes. Be very careful around the top of the head and around the ears. They really don’t like this so make it quick and efficient. You’ll get the hang of doing it quickly and correctly after doing it couple of times.
Use the clean towel by the sink to wrap the kitten up.
Second is nail trimming and cleaning. Have ready: nail clipper and cotton balls.
Sit in a comfortable chair with your kitten still wrapped up in the towel. Place the kitten on your lap and bring out a paw (still have the kitten wrapped up. Use the nail clipper and press down on each knuckle of the nail so the nail shoots out like a switch blade. Clip off the tips of each nail. Do not over cut, just tip off the ends by sliding the nail cutter on the underside of the nail until it hooks. Then use a dry cotton ball to get rid of the nail dirt. Gently scrape off any junk around the cuticle and between the toe skin folds. Yes they do have nooks and crannies in the toes. After cleaning one paw, wrap it up and get another paw out. Be sure to give the kitten a kiss on the head and speak sweetly to the wee one while you are doing the next set of toe nails. Depending on how dirty the nails, this take less than 5 minutes.
Third is ear cleaning. Have ready q-tips and ear cleaner.
Put ear cleaner into the ear. Take a clean q-tip and start cleaning out the ears using a scooping motions, in to out. Do not dig too deep but make sure you really clean out the ears. Get into all the folds as it holds a lot of dirt. Keep using clean q-tips until the q-tips are clean. Clean ears are very important!
Fourth is completely drying your kitten. Have ready a cotton shirt or bed with blanket.
It’s very important to completely dry your kitten, even in the summer. They are naked and can and do get cold. In the winter if your area gets cold, you can put on a clean cotton shirt with or without a sweater or pajamas. Or you can place your kitten onto a heat pad to stay warm right after a bath. We like to have a small blanket loosely over a pet bed or sofa so the kittens can get under the blanket and snuggle up. Give the kitten lots of kisses and pets. Say they are the best and you love them!
That’s it. It’s simple and necessary.