Kitten Love: how your cat shows you love


Today is Valentines Day, a day to show how much we love our little or big ones, 2 and 4 legged and vice versa. The great thing about cats is that they just love us. No questions asked. In return, we love them for who they are. They may be Sweetest Kitty, Lovie Kitty, Bossy Kitty, Goofy Kitty, Grumpy Kitty to Demanding Kitty, we just love them all. But maybe you are wondering if they love you too. Well, here are the signs of kitten love.

Purring……Kittens purr to express their pleasure and happiness. Mother cats purr to their kittens so the kittens can know where she is even right after birth. It is a comforting sound for them. Cat and kittens purr only at each others and in our presence. So when they purr around it, it means something good. Don’t we love that sound. It can be the softest tempo to a bubbling brook to a machine gun constantly firing. Some kittens start to purr at the sight of you while others need to be worshiped before showing you their approval of you. Some of us adore working for the purr. You know who you are. You know your little Prince or Princess needs to be serviced and you better hop on it. Your reward is the purring: I love you.

Kneading, kneading, kneading…..It can be the cutest or annoying. My firsts cat, Teddy, used to knead against my chest and belly every night with all four of his paws. It hurt but I let him do it as it seemed to make him so happy. Now most of our cats do this with me. They will knead my belly, chest, arms or any part of me they can get on. It can be tolerably or just too painful, depending on how long their nails are (time for a nail trimming). They seldom do this with my husband and he jokes that they know I am a woman and have the mother smell. Yes, they look like kittens on a mother’s breast. Yes, it does make them happy as it is accompanied by purring. They are so relaxed and trust when they are kneading. So if your kitten or cat is kneading on you, you are loved.

Suck, suck…..this goes with the kneading. A cat or kitten will start sucking on a neck like a little vampire while kneading and purring all at once. It’s the sound of purring and sloping sucking. A little one who is showing love by exhibiting nursing behavior REALLY loves you. And they can be very insistent on it. Not all kittens do this but for the ones that do, they each have a different times during the day that they prefer to do this. My husband finds it amusing when he find a cat on my neck. My son thinks it’s funny. Our daughter thinks it’s weird beyond belief. I don’t mind as again, it makes them so happy! They look like they are in heaven. But sometimes love time is not a great time, especially if we have company or I have to get some work done. I pull them off and say, “No Love Time. I’ll give you Love Time later.” Yes, I do talk with my kitties. I joked that I am going to get baby pacifiers for Angel and Katya as they are so into it.

Lick, lick….. Cat’s are know to groom themselves. Even the hairless ones will lick themselves. It’s so cute when cats groom each other, just as dogs do with their close friends. It really is such a bonding gesture in most animal kingdoms. So when you cat comes up and starts to lick you, they are either telling you that you are dirty or that they love you. But unlike a puppy, cat’s tongue is really rough and it hurts after couple of licks so I keep that to a minimum. Thanks for the bath but I already had one Kitty.

Climbing, draping, lounging….They act like you are one big cat nip person. They climb all over you no matter what you are doing. They sit on your shoulder while sitting on the potty, or jump on your back while picking up something off the floor. They drape themselves as if they are your shawl and need to keep you warm. Sometimes they look like a freaky parrot sitting on your shoulder. You feel like a human furniture. If it’s not a good time to have to draped all over you, you pick them up and put them down only to have them hop on and demand to sit on you. This all means they want to be with you. Even while you are doing your business, they want to be with you so that has to mean they love you.

Bump, thump, rub…Does your cat bump their head against you, especially on your head? Isn’t it so cute? Unless you are doing something really delicate and don’t need a cat to do this. But that is another way cats tell us that they love us. It makes sense. All of us want to be close to those we love and avoid those we don’t care for. So your kitten seeking you out to thump you mean I love you and want to be with you.

Rolling, rolling….Why do they roll onto their sides and backs except to say, “Give me love peasant!” Some cats do this as a greeting. I think it’s adorable when a cat is submissive and wants to have their tummy and everything rubbed. It show trust and wanting to be comforted by us. And let’s face it, we’re only want to be comforted by those we love. So when your kitty goes belly up, give the wee one lots of love in return.

Wag….Tail held high and wagging is a sure sign the kitty love you. It is definitely different that the rigid tail swishing back and forth which means “I am not happy” or “watch it!” Happy tail is easy, fluid and a sure signal to start the petting or keep it going.

Hugging… Ahhhhh. I love when my cats give me cat hugs. They will wrap their arms around my neck and give hugs. It’s adorable. But sometimes it feels like they do this so they can velcro themselves to me. I know when they do this that Love Time is coming on and my neck is going to get soppy.

Gifts….As a child, I was told that our Mom’s stray cats would bring mice, rabbits and birds to the kitchen door as gifts. Yes they were saying, “I love you and I want you to have this great prize. I worked hard so you can have this.” Our Mom’s cat Spunky, and oh was she spunky, would start her meowing and when told to bring her rabbit, she would bring her raggedy stuffed rabbit kept in a show box in the hallway at night to Mom. It was really cute. She was not the cutest cat as she was somewhere hiding all day and was quite anti social. But at nights, her soft side came out with the gifting of her rabbit. I as an adult never had a gift like this from our cats as they are all strictly indoor cats. No they have never brought a toy to me either. So if you cat does, they love you!

Snore….. My favorite way my cats say they love me is by sleeping with me. Cats like people sleep around those they trust. So if you cat waits for you on the bed at nigh time, they are saying, “I love you and want to snuggle.” They will either lay down by your head or get under the covers.

May everyday be a Valentines Day with your Kittens.