Interview with Demi GEM Kittens

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Q: Hi Gemi Gem Kittens.
A: Hi! Great meeting you.

Q: How did you get the name of Demi Gem Kitten?
A: Our Breeder Mom and Dad love everything smaller so they chose demi meaning half in French. Mom loves sparkling gems and since we all have a gem like quality about us, they chose Gem. And of course we are all kittens. Breeder Mom is really small at only 4 feet 10 inches. So she is small and she loves everything smaller. We love our name.

Q: What does smaller mean?
A: Breeder Mom and Dad’s goal is to breed tiny versions of our ancestors. So for now, we will be smaller versions of the standards. But soon, we will come in tiny sizes ranging from teacup to miniatures. They have spent time finding our parents to make a great match. love small and know other families will love them too. Being smaller is so nice as we can be taken everywhere.

Q: What breed of kitten are available?
A: Some of us are Canadian Sphynx, best known of the hairless breed of cats. Most of us are hairless Elfs, Dwelfs and Bambinos but a few of us have fur for the families who want a fluffy kitty: first to third generations of Kinkalow, Muchkin and American Curls. Very few of us are the super rare breed of Khao Manees, the royal cats of Thailand. All of us Khao Manees have fur.

Q: How can I learn more about each of your breeds?
A: Read the Breed information page to get an overview and care information.

Q: Bambino, Elf and Dwelfs are new and some of us never heard of our kind before. Are you really a new breed or must a mixed breed?
A: We are new breeds. Bambinos are recognized as an experimental new breed by The International Cat Association (TICA) and can be shown as Sphynx, New Trait. Elfs and Dwelfs will be recognized by TICA too in a few years, as long as good breeders continue to deepen the breed. So yes,we are not a mixed breed.

Q: Why would breeders want to create new breeds? Shouldn’t they leave breeds as is?
A: That is a great question. Like dog breeds, humans have altered and changed us over the years. Dogs have been under the care of humans longer and have been purposefully changed for thousands of years while we are newer in the management of human intervention. Humans as they evolve, need us to be sightly different as in size, color, conformation or personality traits. Example of this is the German Shepard which have been bred to be shorter in the back and the Poodles which have been bred down in size. Also as a naturally occurring genetic mutation shows up like hairlessness, short legs, curled ears, odd eyes, no tail, etc., they are intrigued and want to reproduce it. As reputable breeders refine the breed, they do get recognized as with American Curls which was first found in California in 1981. Muchkins were first seen in 1940’s and first started to be bred in 1983 and introduced to everyone in 1991. Peterbalds were created by breeding Donskoys with Oriental Shorthairs in 1994. Napoleon cat were created in 1994 by a breeder who also bred Basset Hounds, as he liked everything with short legs. Some other TICA Advanced New Breeds are Donskoy, Highlander, Highlander Long Coat, Lykoi, Minuet, Minuet Long Coat, Serengeti. TICA also has recognized a Preliminary New Breed, Minskin. There are other new breeds that will be recognized by TICA, like Bambino, Bambo, Cheetohs, Dwelf, Elf, LaPermm, Lovkoys, Ojos Azules, SphynxieBob and Toyger. There is a breeder that is developing a cat that looks like a dog with floppy ears and dog like face. So new breeds will be created and expanded on. As long as we are healthy, Breeder Mom and Dad does not see an issue. Every family has a different lifestyle and preferences so they need to find the breeds that are best for them.

Q: What grooming needs do you have?
A: It all depends on the breed of Demi Gem Kittens you adopt. Hairless kittens have different care needs than the ones with fur. CLICK HERE so you can read about the care on our BLOG page .

Q: Are you a fussy eater?
A: What food? Did you say eat? I love food. I will eat just about anything so make sure you feed me the best. You don’t want me to blow up and get fat do you? Make sure my piggy belly does not get big so I can love you a long time. Breeder Mom and Dad feeds me the best, along with a daily immunity builder and natural treats. Yes, they do give me daily treats because I love them and they are good for me with no fillers, grains, coloring, artificial flavors and no preservatives. Yes they give me the best and I want you to do the same. Please check the Blog page regarding what Breeder Mom and Dad feeds us. I know they said they are going to write in more detail about that.

Q: Where are you born?
A: When our Mommy is pregnant, she stays close to Breeder Mom and Dad and sleep with them. They like to keep an eye on her to make sure she is healthy and they like to be on top of things. When the time comes and we are ready to be born, we are delivered in Breeder Mom and Dad’s bathroom. Breeder Dad helps Mommy deliver us while Breeder Mom gets food and drinks for Breeder Dad. It can be tiring delivering us safely. For the first week, we are in the master bathroom. Then we move into Breeder Mom and Dad’s bedroom where we get a nice and private area to nurse and sleep. We feel very safe there as Breeder Mom and Dad checks on us all throughout the day and night.

Q: Do you stay in the master bedroom until you are adopted?
A: At 4 weeks or so, we move to the library room, next to Breeder Mom and Dad’s bedroom. As young kittens, we sleep and spend 80% of our time with our Cat Mommy. It’s nice because we are in the house and get lots of love from everyone each day. When we get a bit older, we get to run around in the library and the hallway which have lots of windows for us to perch on and look out. We get to look out at what is going on in the rest of the house while still being in a safe zone.

Q: Where do you spend your time when you get older and ready for adoption?
A: When we are older kittens and are weaned or almost weaned, we get to play in the house. We love being able to use the cat condo with scratching poles and lookout perches to see the birds outside. We love it because we also get to play with our puppy siblings. We think they are crazy fun but they think we are the crazy ones. Sometimes, we even get to nap with some of the puppies.

Q: Where do you sleep when you are old enough?
A: We get to sleep anywhere in the house we want in the house. Most of us sleep with Breeder Mom and Dad, or Dante in her bedroom, our human brother, Raiden or in the living room, library, kitchen, the summer screened porch or foyer. There’s a lot of room for all of us so we all find a great place to sleep, nap and play with someone. Most of the time, Breeder Mom and Dad’s bed is crowded with our canine siblings, Chinese Cresteds and Mi Kis, and with some of the cat parents. So they will give us turns on the big bed. Dante has a huge bedroom with a sofa and 2 big beds so we can spend our time in there. It’s a lot of fun as here are lots of places we can explore and curl up for a nap. Raiden has a regular sized bedroom and we love it in there. He has lots of boy toys which we like to play with too. He lets us play on his sofa which is really nice. He loves when we are in his room. Sometimes, a few of us like to sneak into the puppy room and get the puppies crazy! It’s fun! We do get to play with them on a regular basis in the kitchen and living room as Breeder Mom and Dad makes sure they are super socialized too. So the kitchen and living room is the social mixing rooms where dogs, cats, puppies and kittens get to play and socialize.

Q: How can I meet you?
A: I adore my fans! I love to do meet and greats but unwanted germs can come into the house and I could get very sick. Breeder Mom and Dad don’t want to put me at risk! Thank goodness! But we can do SKYPE session so you can virtually meet me. This way, my buddies and I are safe and you get to be with me. Just arrange with Breeder Mom.

Q: You are too cute but I am not ready yet to adopt. How do I get in line for a Kitten like you?
A: I am happy to hear you have thought about the right timing and am prepared. Breeder Mom and Dad likes families who are thoughtful and have planned ahead. You can put in a deposit of $500 so when you are ready, you will get your pick of kitten. You will be notified by Breeder Mom & Dad when one just like me is born. Then you can see lots of pictures and choose when I am around 8 weeks. CLICK HERE TO READ the deposit receipt.

Q: Maybe I should wait until you are old enough to put in a deposit instead of getting in line now?
A: You can. It depends on when you want me. As we are so gem like coming in so many different colors and variations of naked and furred, other families want to make sure they get a kitten like me. So they want to be in line. It takes time for a kittens like us to be born so they want to save a spot.

Q: How do I put in a deposit to get in ?
A: You can do it only after you fill out an adoption form and speak with Breeder Mom and Dad. If you are approved, you can send a personal check or certified bank check. Or you can do it via PayPal with the 3% fee which is $515.

Q: Is a deposit refundable?
A: No it is not so make sure you want a kitten. Breeder Mom and Dad is holding me or a kitten like me for you and have turned down other families who would have wanted me.

Q: Generally, how much are you?
A: It all depends on the exact breed, skin/fur coloring, eye colors and size. We are very much in the standard for prices. This is how Breeder Mom and Dad starts off the adoption pricing:
Sphynx kittens
Furred male & female $300- $700 (F1-F3 Sphynx kittens)
Naked male & female $1,500
Rare colors, odd eyes & smaller sized kittens more
All of us must be spayed/neutered
With TICA Breeding rights $1,000 extra
Khao Manee kittens
Male & female $1,000
Odd eyes & smaller sized kittens more
All of us must be spayed/neutered
With TICA Breeding rights $1,000 extra
Elf Sphynx kittens
Furred male & female non curled ears $300- $700
Furred male & female curled ears $1,500 (also known as F1-F3 American Curl kittens)
Naked male & female non curled ears $1,500 (also known as F1-F3 Sphynx kittens)
Naked male curled ears $2,200
Naked female curled ears $2,500
Rare colors, odd eyes & smaller sized kittens more
All of us must be spayed/neutered
With TICA Breeding rights $1,000 extra
Bambino Sphynx kittens
Furred male & female $1,000 – $1,500 (also known as F1-F3 Muchkin kittens)
Naked male short legs $2,500
Naked female short legs $2,800
Rare colors, odd eyes & smaller sized kittens more
All of us must be spayed/neutered
With TICA Breeding rights $1,000 extra
Dwelf kittens
Furred with short legs and curled ears $2,000 (also known as F1–F3 Kinkalow kittens)
Naked male short legs curled ears $3,000
Naked female short legs curled ears $3,500
Rare colors, odd eyes & smaller sized kittens more
All of us must be spayed/neutered
With TICA Breeding rights $2,000 – $3,000 extra

Q: Are payments for you refundable if I change my mind or something happens and I cannot adopt you?
A: No it is not, as stated in the deposit receipt and adoption contract. But if Breeder Mom and Dad cannot place me due to an issue on their side, they will either let you pick another kitten, wait for a kitten or refund the money to you. That is the only circumstance in which you are “refunded.” Most families are just amazing and they do as they say. These are the families Breeder Mom and Dad works with.

Q: Yes that is reasonable.
A: Yes it is.

Q: You are so stunning. Can I breed you?
A: Aren’t I great? I agree. But you have to clear this with Breeder Mom and Dad before adopting me. They are very particular about who becomes future kitty Mom and Dads. Even though most of us are great examples of the breed, not all of us want to have that life. Most of us want to be just spoiled babies, not have babies! If you want me to breed, tell them so they can advise you. If they agree to let you breed me, there is a different contract for that. The contract posted is for most of us and the ones that will be bred.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE PET CONTRACT

Q: Wondering if you come with TICA paperwork?
A: 99.9% of us are going to live a pampered life as a spoiled pet so no. Only the handful of us who will be adopted as future Moms and Dads will be sent with TICA paperwork or the paperwork will follow.

Q: When do you need to be spayed or neutered?
A: I have to be spayed or neutered by 6 months and proof must be emailed to Breeder Mom and Dad within 2 months of having it done. They are very strict about this. Some people try to be sneaky and say they will spay or neuter me with the real intention of breeding me. I know your not like that. Sometimes, Breeder Mom and Dad will keep one of us longer to have it done before we leave our 1st home. You pay for that but it’s all done for you.

Q: What if I don’t email proof of the spay or neuter?
A: It’s your responsibility to email it to them. That is what you agreed to and we all need to keep to the contract. If you do not email the proof of spay or neutering, then Breeder Mom and Dad will call my vet and ask to see the paperwork. If I have not been spayed or neutered, they will remind you to do so and email the paperwork. But we don’t want that to happen and make more work for them. They should be spending their time to serve, pamper and get the rest of us ready for adoption, not spend their time chasing down paperwork.

Q: Excellent! All of this is very reasonable.
A: I know. Breeder Mom and Dad know what they are doing. They do their best to make my life here the best and to insure I am going to a great home. They are all about doing and being the best.

Q: When I adopt you, what do you arrive with?
A: I come pre-spoiled and ready to live with you. My Breeder Mom and Dad makes sure everything is all so I will be a purrfect kitty. I will have at least 2 sets of kitten vaccines, de-wormed, cd with all the non watermarked pictures of me so you can print them out or put them on the computer, my pet contract, vaccine/de-worming record, litter box trained, super socialized around cats, dogs and kids and freshly bathed and/or groomed, and Breeder Mom and Dad will give you a lifetime of breeder support. If you ever have any questions or need advice or suggestions, they are available to help! The top level of care they give to their puppy families is what they are going to give to you. They have earned such an amazing reputation as the very best of breeders and they are committed to the same first class standard for us kittens and kitten families. You can always call, email or text Breeder Mom and Dad. You will have both of their cell phones and emails. They are very responsible breeders. If you have a quesiton, just contact them, any time of the day or night. They will be happy to hear from you if you have a question. They prefer that you asked rather than wonder. This way, they know I am being cared for properly. They believe an educated and supported parent make for a better parent.

Q: When can you come home?
A: When I am around 12-16 weeks. Few of us with fur leave the earlier range while the tiny naked ones may stay with Breeder Mom and Dad later or even after 16 weeks. They want to make sure every one of us are ready to leave before letting us go home.

Q: What supplies do I need to have ready for your home coming?
A: Great question! I love that you think ahead. If I am naked Breeder Mom will give you a list of suggested supplies. The most important items are: kitty litter box, quality non dusting kitty litter, quality kitten food, the immunity builder You may also want to order a heat pad or heated pet bed and few clothes for me so I can stay snugly during the colder months. If I have fur, then extra heating or clothes are not needed.

Q: OK, I’m ready to pay for you so I can be your Kitten Parent. What forms of payment can I use?
A: So happy to hear I am yours! You can pay Breeder Mom and Dad with a personal check, certified bank check, bank wire transfer or PayPal with the 3% service free. Make sure your method of payment clears 2-5 business days before I have to fly with my Kitten Nanny or being driven by the Kitten Chauffeur. IF you are coming to get me, only cash is accepted as there is no time for your check to clear.

Q: I live very close to Northern New Jersey. Can I pick you up and bring you home?
A: Of course you can! You can come to my house and I will be all ready to go home with you.

Q: What about families who live within 2 hours drive from you but cannot come to pick you up?
A: Breeder Mom and Dad can drive me to you, depending on where you are for a very small fee. They have driven my puppy buddies to New York for families living in NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and Philadelphia area. They have driven as far as Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Virgina with their human kids so they maybe able to do this. I love door to door service. Most families choose to have me flown with a Kitten Nanny if I am going to Virginia.

Q: What are the delivery fees?
A: Driven to NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and Philadelphia area by Breeder Dad $75
Driven 2-4 hours to Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Virgina by Breeder Dad: $150-$250
Driven by Kitten Chauffeaur: $200-400
Flown in cabin with Kitten Nanny within continental USA: $350
Flown in cabin with Kitten Nanny to Hawaii and other countries varies from $600+, plus the cost of flight certificate and any another costs associated with going oversees.  Kittens will not be flown to countries with quarantine as it is too stressful for kittens.

Q: Why can’t you fly in cargo like other breeder’s kittens?
A: Breeder Mom and Dad will not do this. It is unsafe. It is so much nicer for us to fly with a nanny or be driven. They want to make sure our first time away from them is a safe and a good experience. When kittens and puppies fly in cargo, there are long layovers and sometimes we do not get water or food. I can be cold and lonely during the long waits and ride! We are considered cargo so the level of care is just not there. Breeder Mom and Dad will not let me be adopted by anyone who does not understand and agree to this.

Q: OK Kitty! You come from a great breeder home and I am very confident!
A: I am confident too! My Breeder family tells me how much they love me everyday. I know I am special. I am so ready to live my life with you! Let’s do it!

Q: I definitely love you and want to adopt you. Now what?
A: GREAT! You are going to love me! And I am going to love you! So these are the steps for you to bring me home:
1. Make sure you read all the information on this website so you are informed and educated.
2. Fill out the adoption form, if you have not already.
3. Speak with Breeder Mom and Dad.
4. Put in a deposit if I am not ready to go home. This way, you know I am yours!
5. Are you driving or flying in to pick me up? Or will I fly 1st class with a Kitten Nanny or being driven by a Kitten Chauffeur?
6. Get the supply list from Breeder Mom and Dad and order what I need for my home coming.
7. Make sure you pay for me in full by the time I am 12 weeks or before I am coming home.
8. If you are coming to get me, Breeder Mom will schedule this. If I am flying with my Kitten Nanny or being driven by the Kitten Chauffeur, you’ll get their information to arrange a good date and time (it takes about 2 weeks to arrange).
9. You need to sign the adoption contract so I can be yours.
10. I am your Kitten! I will be your best buddy and will do my best to get along with everyone.